I’m a Loser, Baby

Last week I called everyone out of hiding and then I proceeded to disappear.  I have no good reason other than extreme fatigue and a case of writer’s block.  How’s that for leaving everyone hanging?

I’ve been trying to write for the last hour and a half my feelings on this Inauguration Day of our 44th President.  I can’t seem to get the words to come out the way I want them to be conveyed.  So, I’ll sum it up like this …

Today I am feeling confused, conflicted, hopeful yet strangely doubtful.  I wish I could be feeling the euphoric joy so many of you out there seem to be feeling but it seems my pessimistic nature and my tendency to dance to the beat of my own drummer are getting in the way and making me ask lots of questions about all this Obama adulation and where we’re headed.

I’ll end with this … I pray for America and its citizens.  I pray for Obama.  I hope that he can be all that he wants us to believe he is.  I hope for his success as our President.  I hope for a better country and a better future to give to my son.

And so because I have not written in a week or really read many of my favorite blogs.  And because I am not in a celebratory mood like the rest of the nation tonight I will say that right now “I’m a loser, baby.”  Sorry for being such a party pooper.

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4 Responses to I’m a Loser, Baby

  1. evenshine says:

    You are not a loser. This is YOUR blog, and YOU can write, or not write, ask people to post, or not…
    At times we all get blocked. I’ve been feeling torn about this inauguration as well…no politician is ever as good as he/she says they are. And there’s SO much riding on these first important days. Everyone is waiting, breath held, to see how the boom is lowered, the other shoe is dropped, the *%$ hits the fan. Or not. So hang in there…you’ll be inspired by something soon. We’re still here..loser.

  2. lora says:

    I love it when people “own” their blogs and you just did it! good girl!

    And you did it without being offensive. I tend to go off on rants.

    I am strangely cautious right now. But I have hope, and that is something I haven’t had in a long time!

  3. faemom says:

    Well, we missed you, and we’re glad your back. Everyone gets writer’s block now and again. (That’s why I write down everything that comes to mind in a notebook.) I like to say I’m cautiously optimistic. So let’s see how it rolls.

  4. Heidi @ GGIP says:

    I think it is fine to be non-celebratory. And I think your attitude is great! I enjoyed the festivities related to the inauguration, but for many reasons including celebrating the peaceful transfer of power that we have in our country.

    Great post!

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