Might See Some Weird Stuff

I’m doing some testing with new themes, etc.  I’m trying to experiment to prepare for some changes I want to make to the blog.  Please excuse any frequent changes in appearance that you may see until I make some decisions.  If by any chance there are things you see that you do or don’t like feel free to let me know.  And if for some strange reason you can’t get access to the blog, please sit tight because I will be back.

Incognito Mom

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2 Responses to Might See Some Weird Stuff

  1. I am addicted to changing my “look”! It’s fun…have a blast.

  2. incognitomom says:

    Yeah, I need an overhaul but I have no web skills at all. So, I’m playing around with themes at the moment. Was hoping for a three column theme but none of the ones offered for free are doing anything for me. I think it’s time to get either free help from Big or go pay for some help.

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