What a Difference A Day Makes

Well, make that a few months.  Some of you may remember how worried I was that Shorty was doing a little too much of his own thing during his Kindermusik and Lil Kickers classes.  Well, I’m happy to say he seems to be getting the idea of how these things are supposed to work.  We’re now enjoying these activities much more.

In the beginning Kindermusik seemed to be the biggest problem.  He did not want to do anything that Miss Joan was teaching.  He loved the instruments but that was about all he loved, unless you count the fan, the closet, the door, Miss Joan’s iPod, and, well you get my point.  It wasn’t until about late November that he finally started to show some interest in what we were really there to do.  I was on the fence about signing him up for the next session because $210 is a lot of money if all you’re gonna do is chase your child around the room and keep him from getting into things he shouldn’t be into.  But once he got the idea things started to improve a little each week.  So much so that although I waited as late as possible to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I did indeed sign him up for another go round.

We’re now two weeks into the new session and, by George, he’s like a changed child.  No more crying that he doesn’t want to get out of the car and go to music class.  Much less roaming around the classroom.  He actually sings, dances, plays the instruments, sits for the story, and interacts with the teacher and other children.  In fact, today he hugged a little boy sitting next to him (a little too enthusiastically as they both tumbled to the floor – fortunately no one was hurt).  He also tried to direct another smaller child back to the rug when that child started to roam.  I almost laughed hysterically at the sight of my former rebel trying to tell another child that he needed to be on the rug and not playing on the dance bars.  Even Miss Joan has commented that he’s really come a long way since September.

Shorty hasn’t shown quite as much progress in Lil Kickers as he has in Kindermusik but he’s still improved.  He is more willing to follow directions.  He still gets in moods where he wants to do his own thing.  I’m attributing some of this to the fact that we’re now attending Saturday classes.  There are way more people and activities going on in the building than there were for our Friday classes.  It’s harder to hear the coach and there are way more distractions.  Also, Big now goes and surprisingly he’s a little more lenient with Shorty than I am when it comes to joining the activities.  I’m more likely to encourage Shorty to follow along.  Not that Big doesn’t encourage him but it doesn’t bother him as much if Shorty would rather kick a ball by himself than do the activity that the coach has introduced.

All in all I have seen a surge in development on Shorty’s part.  It makes me less fearful for the school years.  I see now that he does have the ability to listen and follow the teacher.  He still has a mind of his own sometimes and, honestly, I’m happy he does but he’s also able to understand that there are rules.  He’s not just a loner anymore dancing to the beat of his own drummer.  He’s learning the art of group play and making music with others.  It makes this mommy proud enough to want to kick her heels up and sing a song of her own to celebrate this stage in Shorty’s development.

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3 Responses to What a Difference A Day Makes

  1. Evenshine says:

    SO many times I am left in amazement, watching them progress, wondering when it happened- did I turn my back? Sometimes it just takes a little time to adjust to a new routine. Thank the good Lord that it’s always changing. Otherwise we’d need more legal stimulants.

  2. Hooray! What a cool story. And I agree…it’s both mysterious and surprising to note such progress.

  3. faemom says:

    Yea! That’s so cool. It’s amazing to see kids change and become well kids. All that developing, and then you look back and wonder why you were so stress to begin with.

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