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It’s Not About Me

Have you ever looked your own mortality in the face?  Today I had a few moments to ponder this topic.  You see I have hypothyroidism.  I started taking medication to regulate this condition back in 2003.  In the beginning it only … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Perfection, Like Oil and Water

Call me a little slow, as it has taken me almost 33 months to figure this out, but I have finally come to the realization (or maybe I’ve just resigned myself to the facts) that motherhood and perfection can not exist … Continue reading

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Parenthood – Not For the Faint of Stomach

If the following scenarios make you nod your head or laugh then you’re probably a parent … You have taken a direct pee hit in the chest, face, mouth, or eye and didn’t throw up. You have  used your little … Continue reading

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A Little Bookworm

Sometimes my kid rocks.  He can really make me laugh.  If there is one thing I did right in this whole parenting thing it’s foster a love of books and reading in him.  He is the type of kid who … Continue reading

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Insane or What?

Today I was supposed to take Shorty to Kindermusik and then we were going to drive to Jersey to visit my mom.  Woke up in plenty of time to get out the door, but I had a horrible headache that … Continue reading

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He’s Got A Million of These

As I’m sure you’ve all pretty much noticed my blogging has become almost non-existent.  It’s not that I don’t want to blog.  I’m just having a hard time finding the time right now.  I’m also kinda in the process of … Continue reading

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