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Yittle Yeak

This morning Shorty informed me that mom and dad’s bed has a “yittle yeak”. Sure does and the little leak’s name is Shorty.  He peed in our bed again.  I’m so over this sleeping in “the big bed” thing.  Wish … Continue reading

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Choosing Not to Judge

We’ve all been there – total mom meltdown moment.  You’ve hit your breaking point and next thing you know your head is spinning and you’re behaving like a lunatic.  It’s even worse when it happens in public.  We’ve seen it … Continue reading

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Hey Kid, Don’t Be A Racist

I knew the moment this white girl married an Asian man and we decided to procreate that at some point some ignoramus would break both my heart and my child’s.  I just didn’t know it would happen this early in … Continue reading

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I Can Do It Myself

Those of you who have experienced the trials and tribulations (and the joys too) of parenting a two year old are familiar with the phrase, “I will do it myself.”  Young children say this a lot and it’s a sign … Continue reading

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Update on the Thyroid

Thanks for the well wishes and support regarding my worries about my thyroid.  Got the results back and everything is okay.   Whew!

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A Few Random Thoughts

I could blog about something serious or at least meaningful but I’m not in that kind of mood right now so here’s a few random thoughts. Why are the Nestle’ Swiss Chocolate bars that my husband brings home from Europe so much … Continue reading

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