This, That, and More

It’s a rare night for me.  I’m enjoying time ALONE!  Big is not here and Shorty went to bed before 9:00pm.  (I’m probably jinxing myself right now and he’ll wake up any minute.)  I’m gonna enjoy the time while I can.  So, I’m going to jot a few random thoughts down and call it a night.  Not that I’m planning on going to bed – I just don’t feel like wasting all my alone time in front of this screen trying to come up with something clever.  I have so many other things to do with this precious time and excuse me if this isn’t the be all and end all.  Know what I mean?  Good!

Incognito Family went to VA this past weekend to visit Big’ssister and her family.  We had a wonderful time.  Shorty and his little cousin were so cute together.  She’s only two years older so he was happy to have another little person to play with.  We took the kids to a safari zoo.  Shorty loved watching the llamas stick their stinky heads into our car.  Me, not so much.  He also thought the ostriches trying to peck through our windows was hilarious.  Me too.  Feel bad about the crying jag I took at lunch Sunday.  This mommy is just feeling overwhelmed and while talking to my sister-in-law it all came out.  Kinda embarrassing and bad timing.  Thank God she is so understanding and so sweet and knew exactly what to do and say.  Love her.   And finally thank God Shorty is such a good road-tripper.  No dvd player and the kid was an angel on the drive there and back.

Right before leaving for VA we had the concrete front walkway and front steps jackhammered and replaced.  The shit the builder put in lasted less than two years.  We put up with broken up concrete for two years.  We couldn’t take it anymore.  So now we have new concrete that isn’t broken up and we’re $2800 poorer.

Still have not done a damn thing to lose weight.  Twenty year (holy crap, when did I get so old!) high school reunion is August 1st.  Guess I’m buying Spanx.

One of my brother’s friends just became the father of triplets today.  Three beautiful little girls to add to the little girl he already has.  I feel old.  I remember when he and my brother were skinny kids in high school.  They’re five years younger than me.  Are they even old enough to have kids let alone fathering triplets?  Geesh, someone please stop the hands of time.  Seems like yesterday they were heading to prom.  Good luck Frank and family!  God Bless all of you.

Interviewing college student this week for babysitting position for the summer.  Big is going in for back surgery July 10th.  No way I’m gonna be able to take care of Big and Shorty in my current state of overwhelmedness.  (Yeah, I did just make that word up.  Deal with it.)  Nervous wreck about hiring someone I don’t know to care for my child and nervous wreck about this whole surgery thing.  Gonna be a fun summer.  Valium anyone?

Need to start planning Shorty’s birthday party.  Yeah, yeah, it’s not until August but with the back surgery, the reunion, and the fact that we have seven family birthdays in August and September (not counting Shorty’s) and one anniversary I need to get cracking and get as much done before Big goes under the knife.  Besides I am one of those insane moms who loves to plan her kid’s birthday party complete with theme and all the matching goodies and decorations.  (Hmm, maybe this is a future career path for me?)

Well, this little post is really getting rambley (is that even a word?) and my night is dwindling away.  So, I’m off to put on some music or read or some other such nonsense that I love to do when I am left to my own devises.

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2 Responses to This, That, and More

  1. faemom says:

    I’m glad you got a night alone. Yea, Shorty for going to sleep early! Sounds like a busy summer for you. I’m glad you had someone to vent and cry to. We all need that. I bet your nervous about the surgery and a babysitter. Trust your instincts. Everything will work out great.

  2. Wow! You are busy! Let me know if you need anything as the surgery approaches…

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