Enough Michael Jackson Already

Michael Jackson died.  This is all I’ve seen, read, heard since it happened.  Many of my Facebook friends seem to be truly grieving over this.  I’m still scratching my head as to why they are taking this so personally.  Don’t get me wrong.  I agree he was one of music’s great icons.  I’m not jumping for joy over his death.  I’m not so unfeeling that I don’t feel bad for his family.  But I’m having a hard time understanding why people who never knew him are describing feelings associated with deep mourning.

I didn’t know the man.  And while he did amazing things for the music industry I can’t help but feel as if we’re forgetting that he was beyond eccentric.  This was a man who literally tried to change every bone in his face.  This was a man who was accused of molesting children.  This is a man who was strange to the nth degree.  I find it hard to believe that so many people continued to be his loyal fans.  So, excuse me if I’m having a hard time really caring that he’s gone.  It’s sad for his family.  To the rest of us it’s just another moment in the course of celebrity happenings.  My life will go on.  MJ’s death will probably not change anything in my life.

Has the news media really brain-washed so many that they’d rather obssess about the death of someone they never knew than to focus on what’s going on in Iran?  Have we forgotten that our economy still sucks and our representatives in Washington can’t seem to take off their “party” hats long enough to work on a viable solution.  Michael Jackson is dead.  Sad, but let’s move on already, because the reality is that for most of us his death will not change much in our lives but what’s going on in Iran, North Korea, or in our own country probably will.

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13 Responses to Enough Michael Jackson Already

  1. Ben says:

    By the way, did you know that Michael Jackson died?

  2. Ben says:

    Being serious (but only for a moment) the media coverage reflects their understanding about what interests their audience. It should actually serve to infuriate us on that level alone.

    As you have so stated, meanwhile, back at the ranch, our economy is in shambles, driven there by the notion that our economic system is somehow flawed and so meddling legislation is warranted to “save us” from our capitalist ways. Never mind the fact that America (once) represented the largest economic force on the face of this planet with greater prosperity than any country in history. Oh no, we must “fix it” with ill conceived legislation driven by the idea that the market is “unfair” or “cruel” and casts aside the less fortunate among us.

    Hell if they would just get off their collective butts and quit expecting entitlements maybe we wouldn’t be in the current mess our “leadership” has brought upon us.

    So, as we watch the Michael Jackson events unfold and leaves us looking like a chicken watching a card-trick, Rome burns.

    Now, back to my regularly scheduled humor…

    … Pssst.. Michael Jackson is still dead… pass it on.

  3. Mel says:

    Hear, hear and ditto for everything you said!!

  4. Sean says:

    It is just plain stupidity, these people who are grieving over his death. They don’t know him personally and to him they were simply fans. We are forgetting the big picture here, he was a pedophile and that negates anything he did for the music industry. Honesty, the children are the saddest part of the story. Now they are going to be raised by the same people that abused Michael as a young child, it is a well documented fact that Joe Jackson was an abusive parent. Michael Jackson has been a walking freak show for the past twenty years and honestly when was his last hit? Now, to the comparison with Elvis, that is just nuts, Elvis was a walking lost soul also but, with his problems he still sought out women that were of age to date. If they make the Never Land Ranch into the new Grace Land what are the tour guides going to say, here is where Michael entertained young boys and then do a blow by blow of what happened in each room? I believe all the rides are gone from the Ranch anyhow and it is out of the Jackson family’s hands, thank God. Lastly, the entire family has been living off of Michael for years. The whole family is full of parasites and will continue to be ever more in his death. Do any of the other Jackson’s do anything to support themselves, no they for the most part are talent less, with the exception of Janet and there again she as not had a hit in years. I say, I am glad we never have to deal with Michael Jackson ever again.

    • incognitomom says:

      I also feel sorry for his children, although I have felt that way since they were born. MJ obviously had some major mental health issues and I agree that the way he was raised most likely contributed to them.

      Having said that I’m not happy that he’s no longer with us. Since I didn’t know him personally I don’t feel one way or the other about it but I’m never one to wish death on anyone. Let go of some of that anger. Really MJ’s death isn’t worth all that energy you’re using up. 😉

  5. Evenshine says:

    It’s escape, and that’s what has always fascinated Americans. How far OUT THERE can you get beyond MJ? I, too, cringe when I see him taking center stage in front of real, honest important world events. Enough already. Give me North Korea over MJ any day.

  6. faemom says:

    I think that more people get connected to celebraties than we like to admit. We feel like we know them through the media, the movies, the shows, the music. So when they die, many grieve like they lost a real friend, no matter how one sided the relationship was. (I can hear my grandma know about “this generation” but what about JFK or Marylin Monroe?)

    Second, I agree that it is time for the news to move on. We’ve got bigger fish to fry here.

  7. Tony says:

    Michael Jackson was a celebrity, period. Nothing special, he could not read or write music. What is really sad is that a true hero like Ed McMahon was given a rather small window as far as media coverage was concerned. McMahon was a decorated fighter pilot during both World War Two and Korea. He deserved so much more, if it were not for true heros like McMahon people like Jackson would not have the freedom to do what they do. I say enough with Jackson already. He was not anything special, those who are special rarely get recognition. Look at all of those who have died fighting for our country. Those who have served, are serving and the ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that all of us can live free. We really need to look at Jackson for what he was a self indulgent spoiled little man-boy. LETS MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jodi says:

    Thank you for writing this. I couldn’t agree more!!!

  9. Falcon says:

    See, if you get everyone’s attention on his “contributions”, no one will remember that he paid off a couple of families to keep their kids quiet. No one will remember but the victims he left behind and they’ll forget eventually. After all, no one ever heard of an alterboy still remembering after twenty years… right? AND someone wants to build a memorial to him, and to issue a stamp with one of his faces on it (probably the less scary one!) Never underestimate the depths of stupidity to which a person is capable reaching.

  10. Samantha says:

    You won’t have to worry about anyone forgetting what Michael Jackson was, his memory will be tainted forever. The memorial service was the most ridicilous thing I have ever seen, he was not what all the speakers said he was. The honneymoon period will be over with and the real truth will come out. Thank God he can’t be buried at Neverland Ranch. Seeing strangers cry and carry on about a celebrity that they did not know personally is stupidity. Honestly, in the long run his kids will be better off without him, now they might enjoy a childhood. He was a singer and that is it.

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