A Lot of Nothing

I have so many things rolling around in my head I have no idea where to begin.  In fact, I’m having trouble focusing on any one thing for more than a few seconds before my mind is off on another stream of thought on an entirely different topic.  (I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I have undiagnosed ADD because this inability to stay on track and focus is pretty much the norm for me.)  Be patient with me because I have a feeling this post is going to be a lot about nothing.

Ever wonder what interests you might entertain if you were filthy rich?  Well, I think I found mine.  It’s classic cars.  Shocked?  Yeah, me too.  Big and I were watching a classic car auction on TV the other night.  I have to tell you I fell in love with almost every car that was up for bidding.  My God, I feel like I have to have an old Corvette now.  Or maybe a ’57 Chevy.  We just don’t have cars with that much class and character on the road today.  Oddly enough the next day I was running errands and a caravan of classic cars crossed my path.  I wanted to be driving one on such a beautiful afternoon, pretending I was in another era.  So, if I ever get filthy rich I’m going to become a car collector.  I’m going to one of those auctions and dropping $60k-$200k on a car from a time long gone.

Anyone else obssess about their kid’s birthday party?  Shorty turns three in August and I’m already trying to figure out decorations and gift bags for the theme I chose.  (That’s right, I chose because my kid won’t even answer me when I ask him if he wants ham and cheese or baloney and cheese for lunch.  Ya think I have time to coach him on what kind of party he might like to have?  Nope, when he gets older he can have his say.)  So, wanna know the theme?  It’s a sand and water theme.  We have a sandbox, a water table, a pirate ship pool, and we’ll do some sand art and other water activities.  Oh yeah, and we have one of those bouncy house things too, which has nothing to do with sand or water but the kids love it anyway so why not.  I saw large beach pales and a shovel at A.C. Moore for only a $1.00.  I’m thinking that would make a great substitute for the usual goodie bag.  I can put all the other gift bag items in the pales and each kid will go home with a pale full of goodies in a container they can actually use.  I love planning all the details even though I’m so totally not crafty and I will drive myself crazy until the party is over and done.

Big wants to have a big BBQ at the end of the summer.  (Cuz, the fact that he is having back surgery on July 10th apparently has not registered in his brain and he thinks he’ll be able to do all kinds of things even while wearing a bulky and stupid looking back brace.)  So, I’m humoring him for now.  Last night he put a list together of people he’d like to invite.  Almost all are current colleagues of his which means that unless I start adding my own friends to this list I’m gonna be listening to shop talk the whole party and I’m gonna want to leave my own shin-ding.  Today I called a caterer.  (Yeah, I’m not cooking for this many people, especially only two weeks after hosting my son’s birthday party and playing nursemaid to the husband who is HAVING BACK SURGERY.)  I’m laughing at what this affair will cost if Big decides he really wants to go through with this.  So, right now I’m hoping that Big forgets this whole idea.  Next year would be a better time … besides maybe by then I’ll have some paint on the walls so that our house actually looks nice.

Which brings me to paint colors … yeah four years in this house with only the basement and my son’s room painted.  Four years in our previous house with only builder’s white paint on the walls.  I’m going insane with all this white in my world.  I am not good at picking out paint colors and Big does not want to pay to hire someone to help us.  So, don’t blame me if I pick something totally FUGLY and then hate it and spend the next hundred years convincing Big that we need to repaint.  So, what to you think … Decatur Buff in the dining room?  How about Roasted Sesame Seed or Golden Tan in the master bedroom.  Really?  I’m serious what do you think?

Oh, and did I mention that Shorty is finally getting his big boy bed on July 9th.  Yeah, the day before the back surgery.  It was supposed to arrive yesterday but they called to tell me they can’t deliver until the 9th.  So I guess I’m sleep training Shorty on my own while Big lies in our bed listening to the drama in his painkiller induced stupor.  Somehow I have a feeling it’s going to go more like this … Mommy will just cave after fighting with Shorty for an hour or two and I  will just tell the kid to move over in his new bed and I’ll snuggle with him.  Then I will proceed to fall asleep and Shorty will then be trained to think that Mommy will be sleeping with him in his new bed every night.  Maybe by the time he’s twelve we’ll get this sleeping thing right.

And on and on my brain could go but you don’t really want to read anymore of this nonsense.  In fact, I’m even wondering how many of you even made it to the end of this drivel.  So, I’ll stop … until next time my mind explodes all over the blog again.

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One Response to A Lot of Nothing

  1. faemom says:

    I’m not even sure where to start. So I’ll go backwards.
    Sleep training is hard. You either have to toe the line every night for as long as it takes or you wait until the kid sleeps through the first night and then make a big deal, a goal out of it. Good luck with that.
    As for paint colors, you can get a sample pint and paint a swish of paint on every wall in the rool to see how it looks. You might have to primer then, but it’ll help you out a lot.
    We have similar husbands. Good luck with that.
    I vote yes on the pails. They’re cheap, reusable, and fun. Plus that’s what we’re doing for Evan’s pirate party. I’m going to have the kids decorate them with stickers.
    Finally, I fell in love with ’57 Chevies a long time ago. Now I want a classic Mustang. But really, I don’t know if I could bare letting some one else work on her and I’m freaked out about learning to do points.
    Did I comment on everything?

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