I Haven’t Died But I Might Drop Over

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to it’s that honestly I’ve been too busy.  I haven’t even been able to spend much time reading and commenting on the blogs I read.  What have I been busy doing you might wonder?  Here’s the rundown:

Had neighbors over for impromptu dinner and playdate one night.

Put together a spreadsheet of over a hundred books I wanted to get rid of and then emailed a bunch of neighbors asking if anyone wanted them … so far I’ve delivered over thirty of the books to interested neighbors.  Now I need to figure out where to donate the rest.

Figured out which invites I wanted for Shorty’s birthday party and ordered them.

Bought beach pails and shovels for the birthday party to be used as gift bags.

Grocery shopped several times.

Went to fireworks with Big and Shorty on July 3rd.

Took Shorty to parents house for a swim and good eats on July 4th.  (Big opted to stay home and have some quiet time to himself on his last weekend before the back surgery.

Price shopped for items to put in the beach pails for the birthday party.  Now I know what I want and who has the best prices but I still need to buy the stuff.

Bought Shorty’s mattress for his big boy bed.  It was delivered today (or make that yesterday since it’s past midnight now).

Bought pillows, extra sheets, comforter to go in duvet cover, etc for the Shorty’s new bed.

Cleaned out a bunch of stuff from the basement.

Cleaned out, purged, organized, and stored all the crap that was totally filling up our little guest room.  Stuff that I had put in there when the basement was finished last summer and other stuff that I have been throwing in there when I didn’t know where to put it.  Now we can actually use that room again.

Cleaned up most of the massive pile of crap that was building up on the kitchen desk.

Laundry, laundry, and more laundry.

Cleaned maggots from my garbage cans and garage floor.  Really gross and disgusting and I hope never to have to do it again.  I hate the HOA for making us store our trash cans in the garage.  Gave the cans a good scrubbing once all the maggots where gone.

Found a babysitter for Shorty.  She comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the summer until she goes back to college.  This is how I’ve managed to get all this stuff done.

Tomorrow Shorty’s bed arrives and so does my mom.  She will be watching Shorty on Friday and Saturday while I take Big to Jefferson Hospital for his back surgery.  Say a prayer that all goes well.

I’m hoping that once Big gets past the initial horrendous pain of this whole ordeal that I will have time to get back to blogging and reading and commenting.  In the meantime, I’ll try to post some pictures of Shorty’s new bed once it’s here and made up.

Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July.  Miss you all.

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One Response to I Haven’t Died But I Might Drop Over

  1. faemom says:

    That’s my jaw on the floor over everything you’ve done. Dang.
    I’ll be praying for a quick recovery for Big. Good luck. I miss you too.

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