The Big Boy Bed

A few weeks ago I promised pictures of Shorty’s new big boy bed.  Here it is …




I’m thrilled to say he is sleeping wonderfully in his own bed.  We still have to do tricks to get him to go to sleep but once he’s in the bed he doesn’t try to come to our room and get in bed with us.  I can live with him waking up once or twice a night and needing to be soothed for a few moments so he can go back to sleep.  I wish I had known that the big boy bed was going to solve so many of the sleep issues we were having with him.

Now we’re waiting for his night table to come in and we need to find a solution for his books.  I also want to get new lampshades for his lamps and he needs colorful artwork.  Right now there is too much light blue in the room.  We need something to break up all that blue.  I’m hoping once Big’s back heals he’ll agree to put up the crown molding and chair rail that I wanted when we did the room three years ago.

The most important part is that Shorty’s actually sleeping in his own bed and at the moment that makes his room perfect even without the items I mentioned.

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One Response to The Big Boy Bed

  1. faemom says:

    It looks great!

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