When Life Comes at You All At Once …

… All you can do is hang on and hope things slow down soon.  That’s where I am at this time.  Notice the absence of posts on my blog or the absence of my appearance on your blogs.  Yeah, that’s because life is happening all at once over here.  In fact, as I type this my son is napping and my husband is resting.  (It’s a rare occurance  when both happens at the same time these days.)  I have a load of towels in the laundry and I should be making something for dinner.  Instead I’m trying to type this here post before I fully succumb to sleep.  It’s only 5:00pm and I’m nodding off.  I’m exhausted, y’all.  Here’s the quick update.

Shorty’s bed arrived the day before Big’s surgery.  I LOVE it!  It’s even nicer than I expected it to be.  (I didn’t get to see it in the wood color I ordered nor in a full size because the store only had a white, twin size on the floor.)  Thankfully, Shorty seems to love it too.  He’s sleeping in his bed ALL NIGHT and taking his naps in it too.  Can I tell you how relieved I am about this.  Yes, he still needs us to walk and do tricks before he’ll close those eyes of his but once he’s in the big boy bed he does not come into our room until morning.  He does wake up at least once a night and I have to go in and soothe him but mostly within minutes he is back to sleep and I am back in my own bed sleeping too.  Had I known this is how it would be I would have gotten the bed a LONG time ago.  I’m hoping I am not jinxing things by actually telling you all this.

Big’s back surgery went well.  However it has not been without it’s annoyances and challenges.  The hospital called us at 9:00pm the night before the surgery to tell us that he had to be there at 5:00am the next morning.  You’re kidding me right?!   They couldn’t tell us a little earlier that we would have to wake up before dawn to get our butts there?  Of course, Shorty would not go to sleep that night.  He finally fell asleep at midnight and at 3:00am my alarm went off so I could shower.  We were out the door by 4:00am.  By 5:30 they wheeled him away from me and directed me to the surgical waiting room.  I spent the next 9.5 hours there before I could see Big.  When I did get to see him it was for only 10 minutes in the recovery room or what they call PACU.  They had no available rooms in the hospital so all the surgery patients for that day were spending the night in the PACU.  You can only visit the patients there for 10 minutes at a time.  Big insisted I leave before rush hour started and get home to Shorty since I wasn’t going to be able to do anything for him that night anyway.

Big was in the hospital until Monday afternoon which was longer than we were originally told he would be  there.  I drove back and forth the hour each way all those days.  When I was home I worried about Big and when I was with Big I worried about Shorty.  I was less than thrilled by the nursing staff, particularly the night staff, at the hospital.  I couldn’t wait for Big to finally get home so we could all at least be in the same place and I could keep an eye on both my boys at once.  (Sorta.)

** I never got to finish this post when I started it so everything below this line is being written the day after I started **

I also wanna thank the team at Thomas Jefferson for waiting until the last minute to let us know that Big would need a seat to elevate our toilet and a chair for the shower.  It might have been nice to know this from the get-go so I could have gotten it and installed it before Big came home.  Instead I drove him home Monday afternoon and then had to go out to find a medical supply store that carried these items.  Once I had them home we realized we had to take our toilet seat apart so we could screw the elevated seat on to the toilet.  Big insisted on doing it himself with only minimum help from me.  He shouldn’t have been doing this and so I was stressing the whole time.  In case any of you ever need spinal fusion surgery make sure you ask before the surgery what supplies you’ll need at home to aid in recovery so you don’t end up like us.

We also had some issues with the pain meds.  You see he was only prescribed 40 percocets upon leaving the hospital.  His doctor chose this week to go on vacation.  He was told he could take two pills every four hours if he needed them.  Well, he needed them.  By Wednesday we were running dangerously low.  I made a call to the surgeon’s assistants.  The office closest to us was closed so they were going to courier a script to the front desk of that closed office (apparently the front desk was open because other doctors were working there) so I would not have to drive all the way to Philly to get the damn meds my husband needed.  The script would arrive Thursday so I could pick it up.  Of course, somehow it never got there on Thursday.  We ended up calling Big’s pain management doctor (who had nothing to do with the surgery but who used to inject cortisone shots into my husband’s back as one of the treatment steps he took hoping to avoid the surgery that ended up happening anyway).  I had to drive Big to that office, thankfully only 15 minutes from home, so he could write us a prescription to hold Big until his follow up appointment with the surgeon this Thursday.

Yesterday Big started experiencing some numbness and pain in his left leg.  A call was made to the in home nurses and to the surgeon’s assistants to find out how worried we should be about this situation.  The nurses feared a blood clot.  The surgeon’s team listened to the symptoms and said they don’t think it’s a clot at all but just some normal nerve activity that often happens with this kind of surgery.  They want Big to call the surgeon when he returns Monday to make sure he doesn’t want Big to come in sooner than his appointment on Thursday.  It’s been just a lot of fun around here.

Oh and I didn’t even mention the blister situation.  Big’s sensitive skin didn’t take well to the surgical tape they used to cover his back incisions.  So he developed bad blisters everywhere the tape was.  It was gross.  The one on his lower back was several inches long and about an inch wide.  It popped and was raw and disgusting.  Whatever dressing the hospital put on it stuck to the wound and even the showers Big took wouldn’t loosen it enough for us to get it off.  Finally almost a week after coming home one of the in home nurses was able to get the dressing off.  The blisters are now healing nicely.

Well it’s now several days after I typed that last paragraph and Big had his post-op check-up today.  All is well.  He is doing wonderfully and has been told he can walk and do very light exercises as long as he does no bending or twisting or lifting anything more than 10-15 pounds.  He still needs some pain meds but even that is becoming much less needed.

The one thing that I haven’t mentioned is the drama we had last week when my mom was driving to my house with my nephew to help us out for a few days.  Five minutes from our home she got into a car accident.  My nephew came running in the door to tell me that my mom was in an accident.  His running in the heat resulted in him needing his asthma medicine so I had to quickly get everyone to the scene of the accident so I could get his meds from his suitcase in the trunk of my mom’s car.  What a mess.  Fortunately, neither my mom, nor my nephew were injured.  Bad news is that her car needs body work and so does the other driver’s car and the accident report places my mom at fault so she has to deal with those issues.  Good news is that neither car was totaled and the state trooper who arrived on the scene was really good about it all and did not give my mom a ticket.  He chalked it up to just one of those unfortunate things that happen on the road.  Plus if this had to happen she picked a good time.  Since Big can’t drive right now we let her take my car until hers is repaired.

So that’s pretty much it … other than some drama surrounding my high school reunion which I may or may not get into in another post.  Hopefully, now that things are getting back to normal … heh, BACK, get it?  (Okay, not funny, I know.) I will be posting more and reading all of your blogs.

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2 Responses to When Life Comes at You All At Once …

  1. Evenshine says:

    SO glad it went well! Here’s to a speedy Big recovery!

  2. faemom says:

    Wow. I hope everything is going well.

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