A few thoughts running through my mind this evening …

How does the nice, safe, little working class town where I grew up turn into a place where five people are shot most likely for drug reasons?  And it isn’t the first time it’s happened in the last few years.  Sad, shameful, and scary.

How do I reconcile the family we were before drugs with the family we are after drugs?  How do I even begin to explain it to other people so they understand?

Healthcare – how do I decide which direction I should be on in this battle?  I know there are a lot of things broken with our current system but really is government run healthcare the only solution?  Can’t we do better?  I swear I want everyone who wants or needs healthcare to have it but our government hasn’t really done such a fine job with running Social Security, the postal office, or now the car industry.  Do we really want to put healthcare in their hands too?  I don’t know the answer to all these questions or the solutions but could someone who does please step up and speak.

I grew up in a blue collar family and am now living in a white collar world.  I feel guilty and even a little dirty and almost like I should apologize but for exactly what I’m not sure.    I usually don’t feel like I fit in either world.  Is that normal?

 Why does my husband usually seem more passionate about politics, gaming, and business than he does about me?  Am I just imagining this?  Do I do the same to him?

Why the H-E-double hockey sticks haven’t I even attempted to find a hairdresser who works closer than an hour and a half from where I live?  I’ve been going to the same woman since I was nine years old for God’s sake!  Why does it feel like I would be committing some heinous crime for finding someone more convenient and why am I so afraid that there is no else who can make me beautiful?

Why do I poop so much?  (Sorry, way too much info for y’all but really why?)  Two to three times a day can’t be normal, can it?

And why can’t my kid have an easier time pooping?  The kid gets seriously constipated sometimes.  It’s heartbreaking to see.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of bathroom issues … when is my kid going to think it’s a good time to start using the potty?  Seriously, dude, you’re three now.  Stop resisting and telling me you want to wear diapers and be little forever.  You loved the new Cars underwear I put you in today … right up until the point where you peed all over yourself and the kitchen rug.  I’m desperate.  You don’t want to sit on the potty and when you do sit all you want to do is diddle with yourself. You have yet to produce anything but farts when you finally do sit on the potty.  Is cold turkey and lots of pee on the floor really the only way you’re going to get the message that it’s time to lose the diaper?!

When is my husband going to replace the two burnt out lightbulbs in the garage ceiling so that we have light when we go to throw the trash away at night?

When, oh when, am I finally going to do something about the way this blog looks?

Is my thyroid medicine making me crazy?  I’m really beginning to think some of my anxiety, anger, and high strung issues might be these little pills I have to take every morning.  I didn’t take it for three days (yeah, I know that’s not good) and I think I felt calmer and more relaxed.  Took it again today and I feel keyed up, impatient, and almost violent.  Is it PMS or that one mug of caffeinated coffee I drank?  Tomorrow I’ll take the pill but not drink the caffeine.  Let’s see how I feel.  I’m a friggin’ science experiment.

Anyone still reading this?  God bless you if you hung in there. That’s enough thinking for one night, don’t YOU think?

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3 Responses to Thoughts

  1. lora says:

    I’m here. And have no answers.

    I’m jealous that you poop so much.

    There is nothing that frustrates me more than the bathroom habits of toddlers. That’s all I have to say on the subject. I don’t want to start crying at my desk

  2. faemom says:

    😀 It’s ok.
    Don’t worry about the government option. It’s just an option. The only people that will have to take it are the ones who already have it. No one complains about Medicare.
    I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll find a new hair dresser if you will 😉
    It’s ok to poop so much. It’s healthy.
    Feed your boy raisins. Potty training is heard. I used to put Evan on the pot for five minutes every hour until he got the hang of it. And that was around three. It’s ok.
    Husbands care about a lot of things more than their wives. Ok, that’s just my husband. I don’t ever wait for him to do anything around the house or I would wait forever.
    If you think your pills are messing with you, call the doc. Schedule yourself some down time. I know, easier said than done. But you can’t be crazed all the time.
    What did the chip say to the other chip?
    Let’s take a dip. 😉

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