Moments of Sunshine

That post I wrote a few days ago was pretty depressing and gloomy.  So that you know it’s not all bad here I wanted to share some good things that are happening.

Shorty is now starting to draw pictures that are recognizable.  Last week he drew train tracks andyesterday he drew his first person that actually looks  like a person.  I’m excited to see what his little mind and hands produce on paper.

After several days of colder than usual temps (like winter coat cold) we finally got two beautiful days.  Two days ago Shorty and I went to the bookstore just to get away from the house.  Shorty enjoyed his rich double chocolate fudge cupcake (as did I since I not only ate my mini pumpkin bundt but also finished his cupcake – can you hear my waistline expanding from where you are?) and he loved playing with the trains set up in the kid’s section.  We met a nice mom and her five year old son and spent a good afternoon chatting and playing with our new friends.  Yesterday we headed to the neighborhood park and enjoyed some sun and fun with all the other kids and parents.

I love taking Shorty to the park.  For some reason I always feel like everything goes well when we’re there.  Shorty doesn’t seem so quirky and he doesn’t do the things he does that drives me bonkers.  He loves playing with other kids.  I get to talk to other grown ups.  For that hour or so I feel like a normal mom and kid having fun.  There’s no pressure to try to be perfect.  The world feels right and I’m less stressed and everything feels natural. 

Last week Shorty and I also had a lot of fun building tracks with both Bristle Blocks and wooden train tracks.  We weren’t rushed or getting on each other’s nerves and I felt like I was a good mom.

So you see, it really isn’t always bad.  There are moments when the world is bright and beautiful.

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One Response to Moments of Sunshine

  1. faemom says:

    Of course, it’s not all bad. Who would have thought?
    It sounds like some lovely days. And sweetheart, you deserved the mini pumpkin bunt AND a whole double fudge chocolate cupcake.

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