Shorty is always saying something that makes me laugh or shake my head.  Most of the time I forget them before I ever get a chance to write them down but here are a few that have stuck in my head:

Shorty while talking to his Gram (my mom) on the phone – “Sshh mom, I’m talking to Gram and it’s a very important call.

What Shorty calls Big’s conference calls – Conversation calls

His response to me wondering aloud what I could use to get a stain out of the carpet – “Mom, you can use Woolite OxyClean.”  (Thanks Sprout channel for teaching my kid about the power of marketing .)

While watching a snake on Zoboomafoo I commented that I didn’t like snakes because they’re creepy.  Shorty pointed out to me that snakes are not creepy because they have no legs and can’t crawl.  They slither, not creep, because they’re not bugs.

And lastly he came out with this gem this afternoon.  When he lifted his shirt I commented that his belly was starting to look like my belly.  Shorty’s question, “You mean very fat?”

ta da boom!

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3 Responses to Shortyisms

  1. faemom says:

    Shorty is adorable. Except the last one. He better learn fast never to call a woman’s belly fat, especially the woman who handles his food.

  2. Oh, crikey – that’s not what you want to hear! I do like “conversation calls” though:)

  3. Grace says:

    lol! I got one like that last comment, too. Smart aleck kid!

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