The lovely Faemom tagged me awhile back for this one.  I’m supposed to list seven things I have never told you about myself.  Seeing as I can’t remember everything I said on this blog without going back and reading every post (which ain’t gonna happen) and also seeing as I don’t have a whole lot of interesting facts about myself that I can share I’m not sure how successful or entertaining this is going to be but here goes …

1.  My picture is in the 1983 Philadelphia Phillies Yearbook.  It’s not a crowd shot.  A player came to my elementary school and as a member of Student Government I was one of about five kids who posed for a picture with him.  It made it into the yearbook.  I didn’t find out until the following season when my uncle purchased his yearbook and was shocked to find his niece in it.  I did not own said yearbook until about five or six years ago when my husband found one at one of those sports sales that you see at the mall sometimes.  (Yawn, boring I know.)

2.  I met my first real love at the library.  I was in the last three weeks of my senior year in high school and looking for books on Lord Byron in the poetry section for my thesis paper.  He was a senior at a different high school also looking for books on Lord Byron.  We talked for two hours until the library closed then talked for another hour and a half on the parking lot.  The relationship lasted six years.  It was intense and passionate and we thought we’d live happily ever after.  We didn’t simply because we were too young to make it work.    Wouldn’t that have been one heck of a “How We Met” story to tell the kids and grandkids if things had worked out?

3.  If someone wanted to torture me they could put me in a room with rats or snakes with no way to get out.  I am afraid of both.

4.  People who can bend  their ears gross me out.  My husband and son like to do it when they want to drive me crazy.  My ears do not bend like that and I start to get sick to my stomach when someone does it in my presence. 

5.  I think my personal best years were between the ages of 19-22.  I was happy.  I was more independent, stronger – physically and mentally, I was working toward specific goals and was happy with the direction my life was taking.  My life was mostly in order during those years.  I was  upbeat and positive.  I laughed a lot.  I liked the way I looked.  I felt powerful.  Wish I could have bottled all that to pull out in the years since.

6.  I love looking at other women.  I don’t want to kiss or sleep with one or anything like that but I find myself constantly checking out other women.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m always comparing myself to them or if I just really appreciate how women look and act.  So, if you find me staring at you from head to toe don’t get all freaked out.  I just do that.

7.  And since many of you have never seen me here is the first time I’m revealing myself to you …. drumroll please ….

So, do I look anything like you pictured me?  I always find it amusing to actually see people with whom I’ve had phone or online conversations in person.  It’s fun to see if my mental picture matches the reality.  One thing I can tell you is I’m not happy about the teeth.  I seriously need to start using some whitening strips or something and you would never know I wore braces for over three years.  Why my orthodontist didn’t request the wisdom teeth be taken out before they came in like all the other people I know is beyond me.  Of course, when they did come in I had no medical or dental insurance and they proceeded to cause overcrowding of my once straight teeth causing them to be no longer straight and pretty.  (I guess you could say I just told you the eighth thing about myself – I hate my teeth.)

As for tagging others … I usually don’t like to tag people but you know there are some people that I’d like to learn more about because I find them interesting …

Blackbelt Oma – I love her and she has such a beautiful way of seeing the world and expressing herself. 

Lora over at Fever – although I’m not sure there are seven things left that she hasn’t already told us.  I love Lora because she says what so many of us think or feel but never vocalize and she’s not afraid to to be true to herself.

Beth over at Total Mom Haircut – Beth is the mom we often wish we could be.  I love reading about her life as wife, mother, and woman.  Besides, we haven’t heard a lot from her lately.

Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife – Jo-Lynne makes me laugh and I’ve met her in person and she has boundless energy (or so it seems to me).  Whether or not she has anything left she cares to share will be interesting, because, like me, she likes to talk and I’m not sure she hasn’t already told us everything she wants us to know.

Girlymama – Her family is beautiful and so is she.  I’d love to hear more about her.

The Domestic Goddess –  Can you say funny?!  I love this woman.  Please if you haven’t read her blog start now.  She’s witty, sarcastic, and smart.  All while raising two boys on “the spectrum”.  I’m hoping she does this because I would love to read her seven things.

And number seven is you.  That’s right tag you’re it.  Share your seven things.  I graciously decided not to tag the people who Faemom tagged even though I love them too.

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8 Responses to Seven

  1. Evenshine says:

    You totally don’t look anything like I imagined, but then again, I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting. I love your haircut! So sleek! And the Lord Byron story is fabulous- very First Love.
    And since I’ve already done the meme I’ll abstain!

  2. faemom says:

    Thanks! I love learning all that about you. I totally hate, loath fear snakes. I look back at my college years as some of my best years of my life as well. I wish I could bottle that stuff up too. I never picture what people look like. I think you look great!

  3. Oh my, I don’t know how to respond to what you’ve said about me here. Especially because I have been feeling like such a TERRIBLE mom lately…I feel like I should tell you you are misguided or something. But thank you. That is an incredible thing to hear. It makes me want to do a better job in an attempt to live up to it. And sure enough reading this got me to at least put up a post, so thank you for that as well!

    I like this idea of “personal best years.” I might have to sit down and figure out when mine were/are. And that you mentioned that you felt “powerful.” I’m wondering when I have felt my most powerful.

    I will most certainly try and do this meme. But based on my recent posting rate, I’m not sure when it will be:)

  4. lora says:

    hey! I try not to put faces on people, but I never pictured you as a blonde!

    You are so cute

    Let me see if I can come up with 7 things I am comfortable sharing that I haven’t already have!

  5. ClassyMommy says:

    what a post. thanks for sharing so much about yourself. inspiring. and i especially love your post on the years you wish you could bottle up. v. interesting thoughts and you a fabulous writer.

  6. Hey thanks for visiting and commenting. I really appreciated your comment. There are more of us that feel that way than we know, but while we’re feeling it, it feels very lonely.

  7. Sheesh! I just found out you tagged me!

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