Help the Babies

 As anyone who sees this blog knows I’m far from (like a zillion miles from) being a big time mommy blogger and I don’t do ads or promos here.  I rarely even tell you about all the give-aways and promos going on at all the blogs I read even when I know the blogger.  But here’s the thing … sometimes there are promos that just need as much help as they can get because they are for the right reasons.  So I want you to go here and help Lora do this good deed.  Trust me, her heart is always in the right place and if anyone can help moms and babies who are in need it’s Lora.  So go now … GO HERE AND READ THIS!   I want you to click on that picture on her blog as many times as you can.  Then I want you to post about Lora’s Community Service Project on your own blog and tell your readers to go to Lora’s blog and click away.  I want you to Tweet it and Facebook it to all your friends too.

What are you waiting for …. GO!

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