A Moment

It’s been crazy busy around here.  We celebrated a fourth birthday for some little boy back in early August.  I went a little nutso for the boy’s party but I’ll talk about it another time.  We also celebrated six other family birthdays with one more to go tomorrow.  (Yeah, that’s right we have EIGHT family birthdays in August and September, as well as my in-laws anniversary.  I’m praying for no more babies those two months.   There is no room left on the calendar.)

We also had a death in the family.  Rest in Peace Uncle George.

We took a little trip to Houston to visit Big’s parents.  If you are ever in Houston I totally recommend the Children’s Museumof Houston.  It was awesome!

Shorty and I went on two field trips with his school.  I finally got to check out this place.  What fun.

We’ve had playdates.

An old friend came to visit for a few days and I loved seeing her.  It had been three years since the last time we saw each other.  In those three years I lost two babies and she got divorced and had to sell her home.  As you can imagine we had a lot to talk about.

Big has been away on business travel Monday through Friday every week until this week since I think June.   Both his trips for this week got canceled at the last minute so we’re enjoying having him home for dinner and bedtime.

Shorty started Pre-K at his school and has new teachers.  So far I’m pleased with the class he is in.  (Again a story for another time.)

Shorty also had his first dentist appointment yesterday (yes, Lora I know he should have been there ages ago but teeth brushing is traumatic enough in this house so I waited until we both could handle it.)  I’m happy to say that he did mostly well, except we couldn’t get x-rays because he had issues with the thing they put in the mouth to bite on while they snap the x-ray.  No cavities and all looks healthy and good.

All this to say that right now I’m taking a moment for me to put something on this blog even if it’s not of good quality.  I’m also taking a moment to just breathe and have a cup of coffee.  Sometimes moments are all we get and I’m enjoying mine.  How about you?  Have you had a moment recently?

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  1. faemom says:

    You have been busy!

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