What Would You Do?

Today’s dilemma … If it’s not completely clear that my spouse will garner any career gains from working in China, is giving my child a better education and possibly a more global outlook on life a good enough reason to move the whole clan to Shanghai?

It’s all a mystery.  At this time the move to China would be a lateral move for my husband’s career.  He’s not gaining a better salary or position and there is no guarantee that after two years he will gain those things.  He might, but then again he might not.  It can’t hurt his career but it may not do anything to improve upon it.

Moving to China would very likely mean that my child would get an education in an International school which would equate to sending him to a high-end private school here and my husband’s company would be helping to pay part of the tuition  (which would not happen if he went to school here).  He’d also get to go to school in a place where only half the children are American.  This would mean he would get to meet people from around the world who, like us, took a chance on living in China.  He’d also learn Mandarin and as anyone who hasn’t had their heads buried in the sand knows China seems to be poised to become possibly the next Superpower.  Speaking Mandarin and learning China’s culture by living there could be a huge advantage for my son later in life when he is competing with the world for a job.

Certainly, the transition would be grueling and there is always the chance that we could hate it there and be stuck for two years.  We’d miss family terribly (me more than anyone I suspect).  Of course, once we get over the initial cultural shock it might turn out to be an exciting adventure that could enrich our lives on a personal level.  Who knows?  As I said it’s all a mystery.  So many unknowns.  So much to be scared of.

So my question to you is this … would you take the risk if you had no idea that this would improve your life professionally or personally?  Would you move to Shanghai if you thought it had the potential to give your child a future advantage in life?


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3 Responses to What Would You Do?

  1. I’m a chicken sh*t so no, I wouldn’t do it. I can’t imagine it. Some people think it would be the opportunity of a lifetime but I’m just not one of those people. As much as it could be beneficial for your family it could also be that much of a nightmare. I’ve heard from folks about 50-50. they either love it or they hate it. Never gotten a MEH from anyone I know that moved there for any length of time. But what do I know? I’m not a risk taker.

    • incognitomom says:

      See, that’s just it. I’m not a risk taker either. My husband is but he’s willing to let it pass if I’m not 100% on board. If there was some major career advantage that he would gain by doing this I would say okay. But because we just don’t know if this will really do anything for his career (or if God-forbid the only way he gets career gains is by permanently relocating to China) I’m hesitant. But then I feel like maybe if we say no that could hurt his chances of ever being offered anything again. Since, I am not, nor ever will be, the bread winner in this family I have to consider the effects that saying no might have on his future career life. I can’t even decide what to have for dinner so you can see what a problem a decision like this is creating for me.

  2. faemom says:

    I would have a hard time moving to a place that I didn’t know the language. And I’m horrible at learning languages. I would miss my family and friends terribly. But then like you both, I’m not a risk taker, so maybe there’s something to be said about trying something new in a grand adventure.
    So, flip a coin. 🙂

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