The Final Answer Is …

Nope, we’re not going to China.  It’s a long, complicated story.  Things got ugly.  I won’t go into details.  Trust me you don’t want to know anyway.  The end result is we’re staying in the United States.

Last week was a bad week all the way around.  Trouble with the kid, trouble with the spouse.  I’d like to forget last week even existed.

In other news … headaches.  I’ve had one EVERY DAY for about four weeks now, maybe longer.  I want to rip my head off and throw it away.

But hey look the sun’s finally out and we’re experiencing warmer weather here on the east coast.  I can actually see some grass and my bushes are no longer covered with snow.  I guess that means I had better go defrock aforementioned bushes of Christmas lights.  Yes, folks, you read that correctly.  We still have our Christmas lights on the bushes.  Do I feel bad … nope.  Know why?  Because the neighbors across the street, the ones who are on the schedule that everyone else follows, still have their lights on, the garland still on the porch railings, and candy canes lining the walkway.  I know you all  have those neighbors too; the ones who put their lights up the day after Christmas and take them down on January 1st.  So, if THEY still have Christmas decorations out I can’t possibly feel bad about my lights still being on the bushes.  I did take the wreaths out of our windows at least.

And so now I have officially wasted enough time telling you pretty much nothing.  I will drag myself to the cleaning caddy and start cleaning this filthy house.

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One Response to The Final Answer Is …

  1. faemom says:

    Why clean when you can blog?
    Last year we had our Christmas tree up well into February. It happens.

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