I’m in my late thirties, married, and a SAHM to a toddler.  I’m also a foot soldier in the war called infertility so please excuse me if I sometimes sound a little crazy.  Motherhood and fertility drugs will do that to a woman.  I’m doing my best to find my way as a wife and mother.  Much to my chagrin I’m not perfect.  Don’t believe me just ask my husband.


I’m living my dream as a SAHM.  I love my life about 98% of the time.  (Hey, nothing is 100% perfect in this world.)  Life with a toddler is never boring just hectic.  I’m still trying to figure out how to balance motherhood with time for myself and all my responsibilities.  It seems that most days by the time I’m done caring for and playing with my child there isn’t a lot of time for much else.  Like most parents I worry about my child’s well-being and his future, and whether or not I’m doing right by him.


My husband is a hardworking guy who I met in 1999 at work.  He’s the calm to my usually stressed out nature and the optimist to my pessimistic tendencies.  He’s short and to the point whereas I’m long-winded and take many tangents before making the point.  Family is important to both of us and we generally see eye to eye on how to handle our money.  We’re opposites with enough similarities to make it all work. 



I started blogging when I realized I had some things on my mind but not very many people to share them with.  It’s also my way of doing something for me.  I love writing, especially about my experiences as a mom, wife, and woman in today’s world.  I hope someone out there can find something of themselves in my life.



The rest you can find out by actually reading my blog on a regular basis.  (Yes, that is a shameless plug.)



4 Responses to About

  1. crystal clean housekeeping says:

    i have recently started bloging-n reading urs makes since as a mother-i have just started reading urs
    very touching but what is SAHM?
    sorry if iam not sure just want to understand u
    had another question were are u from what city?

  2. Hey there!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments! Until I started all the social networking the past few days I had no followers and no comments!! I love it! So great!

    Be sure to come check me out on Facebook and Twitter as well!


    Thanks again!! And yes I love love love the villas @ WL and I can see why the park hopper wouldn’t work for everyone, but I LOVE it! We crazily drive from Philly when we go so we bring our own strollers, but you are the second person I have heard that mentioned Magic Stroller. Might have to ask you more about it so I can write up a review…wonder if they would offer me anything as a giveaway to mention them…ok done with my comment now!

    Looking forward to getting to know you and all my other new blogging friends!


  3. incognitomom says:

    Wow, you drive from Philly! My husband does not like long drives so he’d rather pay the airline prices than drive all that way. LOL I think when my son is a little older we’ll probably do Park Hopper, especially since there are so many restaurants in Epcot that I want to try and I’d love the flexibility of spending the morning in one park and heading to Epcot for dinner.

    I’d be happy to discuss Magic Strollers. My experiences with them have been wonderful.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.

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