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How About Invisible, Angry Mom?

So, like I did it again.  I just disappeared from the blogosphere without any warning.  I’m down to zero readers so I’m really writing for myself now. It’s been a rough month.  Parenting has hit an all time low.  Shorty … Continue reading

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I’ve become the most absent blogger on the Internet I think.  I’ve neglected responding to comments, although I promise for the few of you that do comment I will comment back – just give me a little more time.  I know … Continue reading

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I Can’t Sleep

I think you can learn a lot about a person by what keeps them awake at night.  Here are some things that cause me to lose sleep: 1.  Fire – I am scared to death of it.  I can lie … Continue reading

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Fire and Brimstone

Someone please call the Actors Guild.  Let them know that I am raising the next great tragic actor or maybe it’s the next psychopath.  My son is a storyteller and he’s got enough drama for five kids.  Here’s the thing … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness – Part 2

I said I was going to turn this into a series so I could get all this gunk off my chest.  Here’s some more of my story … Family.  One word but it sums up a lot.  I love them … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness

For the few readers that I may have left I apologize for such a long absence.  I’ve been in a very dark mood lately and I just did not feel like blogging, nor have  I felt like reading other blogs.  … Continue reading

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