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The Final Answer Is …

Nope, we’re not going to China.  It’s a long, complicated story.  Things got ugly.  I won’t go into details.  Trust me you don’t want to know anyway.  The end result is we’re staying in the United States. Last week was … Continue reading

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A Moment

It’s been crazy busy around here.  We celebrated a fourth birthday for some little boy back in early August.  I went a little nutso for the boy’s party but I’ll talk about it another time.  We also celebrated six other … Continue reading

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Marlboro Gram

From three year old Shorty came this gem: “Mom I’m a little bit sick and my voice is sounding a little like a man.  It sounds like Gram’s voice.” Let me clarify this for you … Gram is my mom, … Continue reading

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The lovely Faemom tagged me awhile back for this one.  I’m supposed to list seven things I have never told you about myself.  Seeing as I can’t remember everything I said on this blog without going back and reading every post … Continue reading

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Not Quite What I Planned

Hi, it’s me.  I thought putting Shorty in preschool for eight hours a week would give me time to actually blog more than twice a month.  Yeah, um, so far that hasn’t happened.  There was the day I spent catching up … Continue reading

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Hello, Hello … Testing

Just testing to see if there is still anyone out there who even still cares of my existence.  I’ve been gone so long I figure that y’all have moved on.  But on the off chance someone is still out there … Continue reading

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Hmm, Nothing?

So I saw this little quiz on Faemom’s blog and being a HUGE book lover I thought, “Why Not?”  Maybe I should have just left things well enough alone … You’re The Sound and the Fury! by William Faulkner Strong-willed … Continue reading

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