How I Became Incognito

Some of you may be wondering how I came up with the title Incognito Mom.  It all started when my original blog title drew the attention of my husband’s co-workers.  I got a desperate call from Big begging me to take the blog down before any more co-workers found it and started discussing our reproductive life.  I didn’t want to stop blogging but I understood Big’s request that we try to keep his business and personal lives somewhat separate.  I took down all references to our real names to make it harder to find us just by Googling and went into pseudo hiding.  From that point on I became Incognito Mom.


2 Responses to How I Became Incognito

  1. Bethany Donahue-Sorrell says:

    I just wanted to invite you and all the other awesome Moms to our new south Philly event…
    East Passyunk Moms Mix it up at Cantina ‘Los Caballitos’

    Beginning Tuesday, January 19th, Cantina ‘Los Caballitos’ is hosting a monthly mid day mixer for neighborhood moms.

    As an alternative to coffee shop and playground visits, “Moms and Margaritas” is an opportunity to try something new with fellow moms. Every third Tuesday from 2-4pm, Moms can sip $2 classic margaritas by the glass or share half priced pitchers while the kids hang out, munch on snacks and enjoy arts and crafts.

    Visit Cantina ‘Los Caballitos’ at 1651 East Passyunk Ave (in the heart of South Philly)
    Brunch or lunch until 4pm and dinner served daily 5pm until 1 am.
    Thanks and I hope to see you there!

    -Bethany Donahue
    Cantina Los Caballitos

  2. Dani Hill says:

    We are also hosting an event at our sister restaurant in Northern Liberties for a different day and neighborhood….
    Northern Liberties’ Moms Make Their Way to Cantina ‘Dos Segundos’

    Wednesday January 20th, Cantina ‘Dos Segundos’ is offering something just for moms, ‘Moms and Margaritas’, a new monthly get together for ladies with little ones.

    It’s time for the hardest working women in Northern Liberties to break away from the monotony of playground life and treat themselves to a little more fun. Running from 2pm-4pm, ‘Moms and Margaritas’ is an excellent way to meet and greet other neighborhood moms and while enjoying $2 margaritas and half priced pitchers. Moms and their tots can snack on nachos and quesadillas or tasty bites from an extensive brunch menu. Arts and crafts provided.

    Dos Segundos is located at 931 N 2nd St. in Northern Liberties.
    Brunch served daily from 11am-4pm and dinner begins at 5pm.
    DanI Hill
    Cantina Dos Segundos

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