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Philadelphia Heartbreak – It Starts Early

Big has a plan to keep Shorty close to home even when he’s grown.  He’s been sitting him down and teaching him how to love our local sports teams.  He figures if he gets Shorty hooked he’ll never want to … Continue reading

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School Form Update

I want to thank all the people who gave me advice and opinions regarding the question asking us to numerically label my child’s racial category on the Kindergarten registration forms.  After reading all that everyone had to say I see … Continue reading

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Race – Now It’s Gone Too Far

Maybe it’s me but does anyone else feel like all the racial categorizing in this country has gone too far?  Yesterday I encountered another taste of what those who are biracial have to deal with in a world that is … Continue reading

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A Moment

It’s been crazy busy around here.  We celebrated a fourth birthday for some little boy back in early August.  I went a little nutso for the boy’s party but I’ll talk about it another time.  We also celebrated six other … Continue reading

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If This is Four I’ll Take It!

Everyone always talks about the terrible twos but no one warns you that three is way, way harder.  At least it was in our house.  Shorty’s third year was trying and that is putting it mildly.  There were tantrums, back talk, … Continue reading

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How About Invisible, Angry Mom?

So, like I did it again.  I just disappeared from the blogosphere without any warning.  I’m down to zero readers so I’m really writing for myself now. It’s been a rough month.  Parenting has hit an all time low.  Shorty … Continue reading

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Help the Babies

 As anyone who sees this blog knows I’m far from (like a zillion miles from) being a big time mommy blogger and I don’t do ads or promos here.  I rarely even tell you about all the give-aways and promos … Continue reading

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