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The Final Answer Is …

Nope, we’re not going to China.  It’s a long, complicated story.  Things got ugly.  I won’t go into details.  Trust me you don’t want to know anyway.  The end result is we’re staying in the United States. Last week was … Continue reading

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I have so many posts rumbling around in my head.  But I can’t seem to get them out.  They’re so big that I don’t know where to begin.  It would be so much easier to just start talking and let it … Continue reading

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Not Quite What I Planned

Hi, it’s me.  I thought putting Shorty in preschool for eight hours a week would give me time to actually blog more than twice a month.  Yeah, um, so far that hasn’t happened.  There was the day I spent catching up … Continue reading

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Went out this morning because the wind was blowing my recycle bin all over the place.  Trash and bottles were everywhere and numerous neighbors were out trying to chase down their cans and trash.  We all commented how bitterly cold … Continue reading

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A few thoughts running through my mind this evening … How does the nice, safe, little working class town where I grew up turn into a place where five people are shot most likely for drug reasons?  And it isn’t the … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Frat Party Years I Suppose

I’m beginning to second guess the wisdom of buying this camera for my three year old.  His idea of a great shot and mine are not the same.  Shorty’s new way to torture me is to bust into the bathroom … Continue reading

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I Can’t Sleep

I think you can learn a lot about a person by what keeps them awake at night.  Here are some things that cause me to lose sleep: 1.  Fire – I am scared to death of it.  I can lie … Continue reading

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