Philadelphia Heartbreak – It Starts Early

Big has a plan to keep Shorty close to home even when he’s grown.  He’s been sitting him down and teaching him how to love our local sports teams.  He figures if he gets Shorty hooked he’ll never want to move too far from us.

This year seemed like the prime time to really get Shorty started.  He’s five now and better able to understand what’s actually happening when he watches the games.  Plus this was supposed to be the year when one of our teams was going to win it all.  Back in the spring the Philadelphia Phillies were called the Dream Team.  Nothing was going to stop them this year.

Big took Shorty to his first live sporting event in July to see that Dream Team.  Shorty loved it!  He couldn’t stop talking about the Phillies and their mascot the Phanatic.  Big and Shorty had fun watching our Phils all season.  Big went all out a few weeks ago and spend a small fortune on fourth row seats right down the third base line.  Shorty got to meet Becca the Ball Girl.  She even gave him a signed baseball card.  The Phillies won the game that night to become the NL East Champs.  It was a grand night.

The Phils won 102 games and finished first.  Things were looking great.  But as anyone who is a Philadelphia sports fan can tell you all that means nothing once the playoffs start.

We had high hopes.  The Phils were supposed to sweep the Cardinals.  But the unthinkable happened.  The Phillies lost game five and their dream season came to an ugly end.

And that’s when it happened … Shorty lost it.  He cried and started throwing things.  He was kicking and punching and was so disappointed.  It took a long time for Big to calm him down.  When Shorty finally calmed down he was so exhausted he fell right to sleep.

Big and I were a little surprised by his reaction.  We had no idea he was taking this whole Phillies thing so seriously.  But I should have known.  When Shorty loves something he throws all of himself into it.  He is a very emotional child and his feelings run very deep.  He had rooted for the Phillies.  They were HIS team.  He took their loss hard.

As if that’s not bad enough the Eagles (the other team they were calling the dream team) are 1-4 and playing like crap.  Shorty is really getting a dose of what it’s like to be a sports fan in this town.  I can only hope his skin grows tougher or it’s going to be a long, disappointing life for him (and us) …

Either that or Big’s plan is going to blow up in his face.  Shorty might get sick of the heartbreak and move some place where the sports teams win more than once every 25 years.

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